August Seven Hills Community Update

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  • Our fourth and final “Lunch and Learn” series was held August 21 with 10 guests attending.
  • Approximately 70 well qualified prospects have attended the events, with the marketing team expecting additional deposits and leases as the sales process continues with these prospects.
  • Advertising is running bi-weekly in The Villager, weekly in four local church bulletins and on Facebook.
  • We have received two deposits to date.
  • Projected move-in date for residents is March 1, 2020.


  • Framing is at 80% completed.
  • Roofing is at 65% completed.
  • Plumbing is 40% completed. Installation of tubs in residential units has begun. Finishing water lines on 3rd and 4th floors (east) and core drilling 1st and 2nd floors (west).
  • HVAC is 40% completed: Installation of sleeves for Magic Pak HVAC units in progress.
    Electric: Continue electric rough-ins on 2nd – 4th floors.

Next 2 weeks:

  • Continue framing and roofing on west end.
  • Start pulling electrical main feeds.
  • Insulation starts following electrical inspections.
  • Pouring alley parking stalls on north side of building.
Follow this link to visit our construction site camera: